Category settings should scroll to top when changing tab

Whenever you change the window, the new window should display from the beginning, not from the middle or from the bottom otherwise some windows (security and tags) are displayed blank even if they are not.

The only window that shows the focus in the initial position (without manual intervention) is the “Topic template” window because inside there is a text editor (focus on the mouse cursor).

Tested here on Meta with Quantum and Chrome + Win 10

EDIT : title updated, it happens both on the category settings and on the administrative settings panel


Hmm yes we should fix this @eviltrout.

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This fearure has bee here forever. Many times I switch tabs and say, wtf blamk screen? Then I remember the scroll bar.


I do not check the category settings very often, but I remember that it worked “normally” some beta ago (or several beta ago)

Exactly :wink:

I will took this one too.

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Ok this should fix it: