Categories view does not keep vertical scroll position

(ljpp) #1

The vertical scroll position of the Categories view is lost when a user enters a topic and then hits the back button of the browser. In topic list views it works as expected.

Repro steps:

  • Go to Categories
  • Scroll down and click on a topic title in Releases category
  • Press the browser back button

–> The top of the Category listing is shown, not the Releases category you just scrolled to.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Why would it? This was never a feature.

(Kane York) #3

This is currently working on the Latest page.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Correct but categories is a totally different page with completely different contents.

(ljpp) #5

The use case is same for Categories and the Latest.

User scrolls downwards, skimming through the Topic headlines. So it may be a different page, but because it does have Topic headline links it serves partially the same purpose. Now the UX is incoherent.

(cpradio) #6

This might be more pertinent with the new categories layout that is being discussed.

(ljpp) #7

This UX is also broken in the new view (which I do not use on my instances). For the new view this is even more relevant, as it shows a long list of topics.

(ljpp) #8

I guess this is not on the Development roadmap? This is rather bad UX, especially with the ”new” Categories view that also lists topics.