Category / topic subscription stats as means to identify the most valuable, attractive or non-interesting content

May I propose the following:

add category / topic subscription stats for admins.

This would help to identify which content attracts the most on your Discourse instance.

The proposed spect is to let admin:

  • view the categories list by most subscriptions, depending on subscription type (muted, normal, watch etc).
  • the same for topics, either global or in a particular category
  • include/exclude mods from the stats (we usually subscribe to every single category in our forums)
  • view for various date ranges: week, month, quarter, year, all time
  • show dynamics to answer the following question
    • which category or topic is gaining/losing popularity in terms of subscriptions number the most this week/month/etc
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You could query this in Data Explorer plugin as needed.

I suppose the category_users table stores what I need.
How would I interpret the notification_level : integer column?

0 = muted, 1 = regular, 2 = tracking, 3 = watching.



It would be great if comments were added to all database columns and then shown in the data explorer.

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They are in there, they’re supposed to show up when you hover the i. The styling is wacked right now, so you can’t actually read the content.

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