CDN by category (multi country)


I’m looking to deploy country based forum & wondering whether I could have say top level categories as countries then via AWS CDN only display a category (country) & it’s sub categories to a country?

It’s not a point of security or restricting users ability to view other countries posts, just want to make the users experience as fast as possible.



Hi, just wondering what the best approach to my need is? :grinning:

The question doesn’t really make sense; a CDN guarantees good performance for website static assets from all over the globe, by routing client browser http requests to the nearest geographical CDN node. So you don’t need to do anything to get the benefit, it is automatic.


Thanks for your response @codinghorror.

So there is no need to have country specific forums. Just use a top level category for countries?

Whether to have country categories is an issue of what is useful for the discussion. The CDN will make static assets available close to the users. If you have a very large forum and a five figure budget, it’s possible to do things to make other assets available closer too, but I suspect that just seeing up CDN will work for your use case.

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