Censored Categories?

Is there any way to get a prompt to pop up for certain categories for example if some of the content is for people over 18+ would there be anyway to do this currently?

I’m looking into as the community I have, some of them are young and I’d want something to pop up before entering a category that might have gore in it from certain video games etc.

Along with being able to do this when certain things may have spoilers for games and tv shows etc.

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You can protect it with a group that they would have to join to see they category. You can search for details.


But how would they be able to get the group easily? Other than staff giving it to them?

See this, too: Our solution for blurring NSFW content

It’s not what your looking for, but may end up being helpful.


By configuring the group so that anyone can join it.


I’m not entirely sure how they’d be able to join it but I’ll take a look into that, thanks. :slight_smile: