Show group only to members of other group

Hi all, searched for the last half hour and did not find any threads about this:

I would like to have a group only to be joinable (and if possible only be shown) to members of another group.

As far as I can see this is not possible in core and there are no plugin for this?

Thanks in advance


I think you’re right.

Without looking at the code, I think it’s 1-4 hours of work, maybe more of it included proper tests. It would be much faster to hard code the group(s) in question…

There’s a thing called guardian that I think is what you’d need to modify.

But, it would probably help if you back up and describe what you really want to happen. In what contexts do you care for people to be able to see the group? Why?


Hi Jay, thank’s for replying.

I run a support site and some subjects are adult natured, so we have a group of people who have verified their age to be > 18 (manually added by admins).

Now, even if you are >18 you may wish to purposely avoid certain topics / categegories.

If we have to do that now, admins will have to manually approve all requests to the “sub” groups, that is what we would like to avoid.

But tbh we are not so large that we could not handle it manually between the 3 admins :slight_smile:


Can’t you just tell people to mute the categories they don’t want to see?


True - my hardworking chief moderator actually made a guide on how to do that yesterday, because a lot of subjects gets bumped and it was annoying some.

I did not connect that with this use case but you are right. Thank you - we will go with that solution for now, and if that is not enough I guess it¨s time for me to create my first plugin


That can also have categories muted by default, I think.

Glad that’s working!


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