Centering images within a topic and a slider for images

I’ll combine two questions in one.
How can I center images within a topic?

And is there a module for creating an image slider inside a topic?

This theme-component adds composer buttons to center images Image Alignment and Grid. There is also Image Annotator - Allows you to annotate images in the previewer which adds the allignment buttons to the preview.

Did you take a look at the theme-component category? With the help of search it is quite easy to find those, which do someting with images. Maybe Slick Image Gallery is what you are looking for.


Like @Moin said, there are theme components that can likely help you

for centering images and text, you can also just use <div align="center"></div> like this:

centered text and image

Is this what you mean by a slider for images?


Ty all!

Perhaps the problem is the different meanings of words in different languages. Sorry.

@moin understood what I’m looking for

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apologies, I noticed I made a typo in my preformatted text because of my region spellchecker. centre should be center like it is in the working example I did. :sweat_smile:


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