CentOS 6.6, no docker upgrade supported, hence no discourse rebuild

(Himanshu Chhangani) #1

I tried to update my discourse community, via UI.
up gradation failed, so I got to know that i can rebuild app and that will restore the discourse.!


my base OS is centos 6.6 (EC2 instance), and there docker version 1.8.x is not supported. (OS updating is a pain…!)
but discourse says i must update the docker in order to rebuild discourse app.

This is highly frustrating…!
is there a way out of it ??

(Matt Palmer) #2

Yes, upgrade to a supported version of Docker: either upgrade to CentOS 7, or run an Ubuntu 14.04 VM, inside which Docker 1.11 will run Just Fine.

(Himanshu Chhangani) #3

I am on Ec2 instance , and updating centos 6.6 to 7.0 isnt same as updating ubuntu…!
only fresh installs are supported, so you see, I am now with a broken site, whose backup restore i’ll have to run via CLI…!

why there are no checks before upgrading, whether OS will support this update end to end or not…!

(Matt Palmer) #4

Our installation instructions recommend using Ubuntu 14.04. We make sure everything works fine on our recommended platform. If you go off-script, we assume you’re capable of understanding the consequences and handling whatever roadblocks might come up.

Given you’re on EC2, it’s a matter of a couple of minutes to spin up a new instance running a supported OS, and copying over the discourse install directory to get you back up and running again.

(Himanshu Chhangani) #5

please explain this…

I did not understand this part .
as if like copying all the contents of /var/discourse to other instance ?
no sqlite backup restore needed ?

Ps: There are some innovative policies in my company which restrict me to use only centos :X …!

(Felix Freiberger) #6

Yes, as the database lives in this directory as well. After confirming that the container is stopped, simply copying all of this (including the container definitions and the shared directory) should allow you to rebuild on a different machine.