Change a user's name from the admin page?

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I’m training some new admins about how to manage our Discourse, and I’m getting the question “wait, why do we need to switch to the user’s side to edit a name?”

I don’t have a good answer, so I wonder… could we please get an “Edit Name” button next under the Edit Username" one?

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Where does it end though? Why not an edit email from here as well?

At what point are we duplicating every bit of the user prefs edit?

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I don’t see why an admin should have to go back and forth at all. It’s a major time-suck.

Especially when I have to fix an email address for them… but that’s better described here:


Oh @erlend_sh I believe you were looking for stuff that is not on our roadmap, not too hard, as pr requested material? This is one of them.


What direction do you want to go with this? Button that links to user change name page? (I think it is a page) or opening a text field there in the admin page to alter the name?

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If you’re asking me, I think the edit button just like the one on the Username be great.

So long as we don’t have leave the admin page. The fact that we have many Save buttons next to each field/attribute isn’t a problem to me.



This PR implements the change name button requested. It works like the “Edit title” button (does not redirect to a different page).


Bianca was kind enough to update the PR after a merge commit emerged. I’m updating my how-to, could we get this reviewed again?


It’s been merged: