Change user's displayed name

Is it possible to change a user’s displayed name? I can, as administrator, change their username, but I can’t seem to find a way (short of jumping into the database) of changing the displayed name. I’m wanting to ensure that staff have appropriately consistent names, and I worry that that will quickly turn into a cat-herding exercise.

Not following, go to the user’s preferences page (non admin page) and change it there.


Thanks @sam! :smiley:

I was looking for it in the admin area, not on the user’s profile. From the admin area, I can edit their username (and just about everything else), so I assumed that it’d be there that I’d be able to edit the displayed name as well. I didn’t think to look at the “preferences” page at all, tbh. Appreciate the clarification, and that I can, in fact, edit these names.

What are your thoughts on making it possible to edit this field from the user admin area as well? If someone’s just signed up, it’s easier to just edit their details there; otherwise, I have to open their admin area, view their public profile, go to preferences, and make the change…


Fine if you send a pr

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