Change attachment size limit without rebuilding?

A few months ago, I rebuilt the app to install a plugin and that worked fine. Well, I’m guessing that updated discourse (3.0.0.beta15). I’m trying to change the attachment size limit and did so from the web frontend but it still fails to accept anything larger than 10mb (though the error displayed says maximum size limit is 100mb). I’ve added the parameter to app.yml but when I attempted to rebuild I got an error about the kernal being too old. Our kernal is 3.10 in Cent 7 and its requiring 4.4. That is not an option for us in our current environment. Is there anyway we can set this parameter without having to rebuild the docker image?

I was looking at the config.v2.json file inside the container’s directory. I see a lot of parameters in there but not “upload_size”, so I’m not sure if I can add into there or not. We’re not docker experts, this is the only one we have in our environment.

There was some recent discussion about reducing the check, though I’m not 100% sure where that landed in the end, if that’s any use?


That did help actually, thanks!