Change Authentication Method from Facebook to Mail

Like said in the Heading I want to change the Authentication Method for Users who used to log in via Facebook to Email and Password.
Until now I failed to acomplish that.

(How) can this be done?
Thanks for your Help in Advance.

Make sure the “enable facebook logins” site setting is disabled and your users won’t be able to log in using facebook.


Thanks for your answer. I don’t want all users to change their login method. Just some. Preferably by themselves.

Why don’t you ask them then?


Hey the thing is, how do you do it :slight_smile:
There is no button or something that says change authentication method, is it?

No, I meant you PM your users and ask them nicely to use mail authentication instead of Facebook.

Oh ok. So they should just type in the email address that is used by facebook, and then reset their passwort?

@phisch did you sort it out?