Replace user emails

Is there a way to replace user’s email address as admin?

I have a user with Primary email, that is not working anymore (but it seems he still uses it for linked Facebook account login), while he has Secondary email that is correct (and was used for login once, before accounts were merged).

Is it possible to replace (switch) emails, sop that notification emails will again work (using Primary email)?

Will Facebook/Google login still work with email in Secondary emails?

As an admin, You can visit the user’s profile and then go to preferences tab to edit the email id.

This will send a verification email to their new email and as soon as they verify, they’ll be able to receive all notifications to new email.

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OK, but this will then overwrite his alternative email address, that he still uses for Facebook login. So there is no way to edit Secondary emails?

You can do it from rails console, I’m on the move rn so can’t find exact command but a quick search on forum will help.