Change category description

Hey guys!

I know this:

But, what happens if I delete that topic and want to set a different description? Not sure how to do that.


You are unable to. Theres no option to delete it. If you want to change it you can edit that post

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Where? That topic is where the topic description is stored.

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@Stephen I’d like to hide that for users, as that topic is not being used for anything else than just the description of the category…

So why not unlist it?

You can also set the timestamp on the topic back a year or two and close it so that it’s way below any other category activity.

Discourse gives you heaps of tools to tweak this kind of stuff, destructive acts are rarely the way forward :grin:


You are able to unlist it with that topic admin wrench. Though it will still be accessible to everybody that have the link.


The unlist did the job exactly as I wanted, the description is still there but the topic is hidden for users.

I’m very, very new to Discourse, sorry for the dumb question. And thanks A LOT for the super fast reply to both!!


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