Change click behavior

Hi, is it possible to change the click behavior for the large AFFECTIVA logo at the upper left of our page? (

I would like to direct users back to our developer portal at instead of just reloading our discussion forum.

We recommend you add a small header for global navigation, that incorporates global nav elements from your existing website for consistency.

There is an example of how to do this in the READ ME FIRST: Getting Started topic in your staff category. You can add it via Admin, Customize, CSS/HTML.

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If you simply redirect the logo URL to your main site , it becomes difficult to navigate inside discourse for your users

You can use this plugin Branding - Custom brand header with logo, navigation and icons to add an header with your Affectiva logo (to your main site) and then remove (and the “home” icon appears and replace the missing logo) or choose another logo to your forum

See the header of this site in action for example