Change default on mobile to show latest vs categories

Hey Discourse team,

I am one of the admins of We had a few folks in our community asking if there was a way to change the default when opening the site on mobile to show the “Latest” rather than “Categories.” Currently, you have to toggle between Categories, Latest and Top (see screenshot attached).

I am not sure if this would be something we would have to change on our entire site or if that could be a personal setting for them to change if desired. I am also wondering if we were to make this change (if it is even possible) for mobile, how it would impact the desktop view of our forum page.

Any insights or instructions you could share would be greatly appreciated!

All the best,

Shelby (@shelb_ee on the Radworks forum)

You can change the default homepage in your admin settings.

And there is also a user preference in the interface tab to overwrite that

But those settings are for mobile and desktop homepage. If you don’t want to change both you can use