Change Default Username Color

I know how to change individual users/group colors, but I’m talking about the default group color. My specific issue is that I have a couple skins that when used makes the default user group a green color, which is somewhat close to the color I have for my VIP group. Now I know I could just swap the VIP color but we’ve used it for a while, and the same issue could just potentially come.up again since I’m not sure where exactly the color option is.

Ideally I’d want to set the normal member group to not change irrespective of any theme or customizable options.

I’ve tried to override it with CCS using

span.username {
  &.trust_level_0 {
    a {
      color: yellow;

But this doesn’t appear to work with trust_level groups. When I try it with “Owner” or “staff” it functions as you would expect, but the trust levels groups don’t work. I assume the solution to this would be to create a random group, add all of them into it, and set that as primary…but that sounds extraordinarily tedious.

Thank you for any help

Maybe see CSS classes for current user’s groups

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