Change "max replies in first day" to not apply to messages

I had a user run in the “max replies in first day” Rate Limit. The user sent me a message, to which I replied. The user could not reply back because of the rate limit.

Can this limit be made to NOT apply to messages?



I think that these limits should apply to messages – users can also cause havoc with messages.

Instead, I’d like to see these check being bypassed for messages to staff members. This should solve this issue, and is less risky.


That is a good idea @eviltrout can you take that change for Monday?

Edit: errr, wait. This would mean unlimited griefing messages by new users against staff in private messages. No, that is not a good idea. Just increase your daily new user post limit in site settings if you run into this. The only sane way to do this would be to allow new users 1 reply (maximum) for each message they get from staff, which is too complex.

Actually I like the limit of 10 for topic replies. So what am I supposed to do, watch for any time that any staff replies to a user who is in their first day and raise the limit, then lower it again the next day?

Also, if a new user is looking to cause grief for the staff, that limit is only going to stop them for one day.

My personal feeling is grief Staff all you want - and be dealt with.

Non-Staff members on the other hand should be shielded as best as possible from problem accounts.


There’s a different limit for users with accounts greater than 24 hours old.

@Mittineague regardless allowing people to create infinite new accounts and infinite staff messages is not a great idea. Sorry, we won’t be doing that.