Removing new users reply limitation


I am building a closed or private community.
One of the members in my community has created their account for about 5 days. But he gets this message after posting replies for several times.

Desired outcome: Ideally, I don’t want to limit how many replies or topics they have in the forum. The reason is that there are many activities in my community where I encourage them to reply or create a new topic.


  • How can I remove this limitation?

That is controlled by the max replies in first day admin setting (with another for max topics in first day). If you search for First Day in your admin settings it should bring them both up. :+1:

Just as an added bit of interesting info :slight_smile:, the 24 hour window where these apply starts from their first post rather than their signup date.


Thanks, @JammyDodger now it makes sense because the member just started to post today.
Problem solved.

For other people who might face a similar issue:
Type the First Day, and this should solve the problem.


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