Change path to git executable for Discourse Docker install

Hi all,

Thanks for the great forum app! Please forgive me as a newbie to both Docker and Discourse, if it is a trivial question. System: Ubuntu LTS 20.04

Short: is there any way to use git installed somewhere other than /usr/bin?

Long: I have manually installed a new version of git (2.31.1) in /usr/local (to get rid of link to libgnutls and the gnutls_handshake() error) and have added /usr/local/bin to PATH. In the launcher, I added echo $PATH && which git before cd /pups/ in run_command, and Running ./launcher rebuild app gives


Does this mean that all following git actions are actually using /usr/bin/git? In that case, I would rather expect git to be found at /usr/local/bin.

In fact, I do not remember installing git in /usr by apt-get or some other way. So I think it is associated to the way Docker works, is there any way to customize it?

Thanks again!