Installing docker-discourse folder in /var/discourse

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Hello everyone,

The docker installation suggests to install discourse in the /var/discourse folder. In our server, we use Docker containerization technology to isolation application, and have a workspace folder in the home directory into which each app goes in with its docker container. I am wondering here as to what is the necessity as to install discourse in /var/discourse ? Could it also be installed in ~/workspace/discourse ?


It would be theoretically be possible for you to install Discourse in such a manner however I would not recommend it as there are multiple hard coded paths in the code where the software depends upon Discourse code being installed in /var/discourse. This could easily be solved by running a fork though however you may fall behind with updates.

Disclaimer: I am speaking for myself only and not on behalf of the people who develop the software. If you are a member of the Discourse team feel free to clarify or rebuff my point if needed.

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Hmm I don’t think that is true, your search is hitting a lot of barely related stuff.

That said I do recommend following the standard path convention unless you have compelling reasons not to.

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After setting up your site details, adjust the paths for the volumes in the app.yml. That should be enough.

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Thank you for the information.
So I understand that it is not impossible to do so. So the only changes that takes place is that after running ./discourse-setup, I need to change the paths for volumes in the generated app.yml file. Is this correct?
Doesn’t the setup tool make any assumptions that the installation is taking place in /var/discourse ? If yes, where do I have to make to those changes?
Again thank you so much for your time.

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The setup tool mostly fills the app.yml for you, so all you need is fixing the paths on that file afterwards.

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Thanks for letting know. I’ll try that out and get back in case of any issues regarding that! Thanks again.

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