Change "share quote visibility" default from ANONYMOUS to ALL

Why would logged in users not want to have this easy share option? I don’t understand this default.

That settings explorer is amazing. I can’t wait to check it out. I hadn’t noticed it on the sites I’ve installed it.


Probably worth raising this, I agree our defaults may need tuning @tobiaseigen


Pulled this out into its own topic so we can discuss it here. I suppose it was set to anonymous as the default for a reason? If not, I agree we should change this default to ALL.

The anonymous default makes sense for public sites (because it lets people who are not members of the community quickly share a topic elsewhere) but it makes no sense for private sites (because there are no anonymous users!). On the other hand, the option to share via social media does not make sense on private sites because the links are not accessible without being logged in.

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Since every other default I have ever seen has been more sensible than I could have imagined, I would think this too, but surprising things can happen.

It’s hard to imagine why we would want to encourage anonymous users to share links from our forum, but once they have logged in to not suggest that others visit the community that they love so much.


Thanks for your feedback @pfaffman!

After some discussion we decided to make “all” the default selection as you suggested. :pray: