Post quote copy to clipboard button -- Feedback

Yeah, I like this suggestion. I do want to add though that this widget is getting large, the more buttons we add the harder it gets for users to use each of them. But we maybe it’s time to drop some buttons (looking at you “Share”) and/or organize them better.

Android has a Copy button as well. IIRC, we drop the “Share” button on iOS and Android for the same reason, because the OS provides close enough alternatives natively.


Yes I think @chapoi would prefer this too, she did this other copy button. I will hunt down the implementation of this and move the message to there.

The main difference is that, in the Copy button on quote, we hide the menu straight away, so hopefully this other message popup can stay where it is supposed to be when the underlying element disappears.


Exactly, I think this is a different situation than the copy-link.

Chat copy text also uses a toasty (altho copying chat text is limited to mobile use).

That being said: maybe this component should also be limited to mobile? Why would you use a click-action on desktop when ctrl-c is so ingrained?

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Because Ctrl-C does not add the quote format, but the new ‘Copy’ button does.

[quote="Charlie, post:14, topic:285376, username:chapoi"]
Why would you use a click-action on desktop when ctrl-c is so ingrained

I think the problem is that the button doesn’t explain its function clearly. It’s not obvious that it does something different than just copying. Now, on mobile, I have two copy buttons. It’s quite confusing to have two options and, each time, I have to think about which option is my desired action (I know the result I want, but I have to think about which button achieves that).

On mobile, for me, quoting and cutting the quote worked perfectly fine. On desktop, I usually do it as explained in the Discourse New User Guide.
I see how this might be helpful for heavy users, but for new users (and even not so new), it creates a lot of confusion.


Hmm, I see.

Perhaps a slightly more explicit can be the solution to make the distinction: “Copy quote”?


Moin also brought up the noise factor as part of "Enable quote reply for highlighted text" user setting

I think the addition of ‘Share’ for everyone and not just anon was a fairly recent decision - Change "share quote visibility" default from ANONYMOUS to ALL - #3 by tobiaseigen


Because we are living in the world where most of people don’t use keyboard shortcuts because they are using a mouse. Same thing as google is the most used way to give an url, not browsers itselves.

I did suggest this originally (Copy quote) internally but people thought it might be too long. However it is an experiment so I’ll just update it to that and see what people say.

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The double-menu situation makes things particularly difficult on mobile… the more we add there the more I start to wonder if we have to take a different approach than an additional pop-up (easier said than done).

Even without the additions, having two bars on text selection feels like a bad experience… 7 (or more) options spread across two menus is a lot to take in… and that’s before you start to wonder about the difference between “copy” and “copy quote”


You know all this, but



It is a bit… overwhelming. Sure, muscle memory kicks in at some point, but at the moment I’m using wrong copy all the time.


I do wonder if we should start to consider something like a slide-up menu like chat does? Then we could put all the options (Quote, Edit, Copy, Share, Ask AI) in this menu?

However the main big downside to this is that you cannot use the native text selection and options :thinking: In chat we just offer to copy the whole message to clipboard, but we don’t want to do that for post quotes.

Maybe on mobile only we have a single “Selection options…” popup button that would then slide up the menu from the bottom?


The slide out menu could have:

  • Edit
  • Quote
  • Copy Quote
  • Share
  • Ask AI

It’s tricky because this is mostly a UI issue on mobile…


Is the “Copy Quote” wording helping here a bit? I worry about holding up this feature when it’s a clear improvement for people.

I think the question of “What do we do with all these buttons in the selection menu on mobile?” that Kris brings up and I have some ideas for above is a separate one. I would love to get this experiment into core soon.


I think the crux would be whether this is a useful feature for most people or only a handful. It does take up valuable real estate and make the UI busier/more complex for the average user. If the majority of people never use it/never need to use it then it may need some way of turning it on/off and letting people reclaim their simple menu.


I’ve updated the OP to explain with more depth why this is useful and who for.

The same could be said for the Ask AI button, or the Share button, or any other button we may have here. I do agree that this menu is getting a bit busy, especially on mobile, but as I said I think that’s the subject of another discussion.


How do you enable this?

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As the design experiment topic explains

So at the moment this is an experiment. After the experiment it can become part of core. Then you get it with your next update. If this becomes a theme component you could install it like any other theme-component.


Yep, I do think each button we add here does add to the noise, so we have to be somewhat mindful of what we add here.

I feel like we may be entering user preference territory with some of this stuff now.

I personally might prefer to have this new copy quote button be the only button that shows up, maybe with the rest behind ellipses.


Recently we also “unsuppressed” share, afaik and this has heavily increased noise as well, especially since it has magical hover behavior.

I never use Share … if I do I will use the “chain” link, I don’t need the fancy email/twitter thing ever.

I too feel like we should opt for “default simple” … power users can add noise.

So, by default, logged in get “Quote / Edit / AI” but they can fiddle with these options if they wish and construct the options they prefer via user prefs.

An alternative may be an intelligent ... implementation that stickys the last thing you used.

Last one, e for edit we should also add a keyboard shortcut I guess like the other 2 have?


Same, I also only use the link copy button. I also have never used the “Ask AI” button.

This is tricky, because plugins (e.g. AI) and theme components can add additional buttons, so it’s hard to have a “default simple” experience.

Maybe we have the default layout be like this:

  • Quote (old quote button)
  • Edit
  • :sparkles: Last used (LocalStorage)

Where the ... menu is:

  • Copy Quote
  • Share
  • Ask AI
  • Send to outer space (other additional buttons)

Which also promotes the “last used” button to the top menu. This does basically take us back here for mobile though:

This becomes much more work though, so I am not sure what to do in the interim for this “Copy Quote” button :thinking: Perhaps in the meantime we could add a post_quote_menu site setting with quote|edit as the default, and additional share|copy_quote options? Then plugins would still be able to add their own buttons too.

Either this, or flip it on its head – add a post_quote_menu user preference, that allows users to specify which buttons are shown, and provide a way for plugins to cleanly register additional buttons (e.g. ask_ai)


I would claim sharing is the least used action webworld wide. Well, commenting is close, but because forums are based on commenting it raises sharing to top :smirk:

But Ask AI — I use it everyday. And when I teached it to my users they like it almost as much as fast edit. But is it such option that should be visible all the time? Perhaps not. But it should be near, and no, keyboard shortcuts aren’t same as near or easy access :smirk: