Send a quote to social media

As a reader who finds a funny or interesting passage in a topic post I’d like to highlight it and (in addition to reply-to-quote) have a way to send that quote to a social media site to draw others into the topic and to reward the writer for good stuff. Ideally the social media posting would include the quote but also the social media handle of the post writer and a link back into the Discourse posting I pulled the quote from.

I think the writer would also appreciate getting this exposure to their writing.


I have mentioned this before in another topic, what I would like to see is that if “anonymous user” highlights text instead of showing “Quote” like we do for logged in users we should show “Share” that allows you to easily share the quote.


This would be a good feature. But you don’t see the value of same for an authenticated user?

Initial implementation would be anonymous only, we don’t want to present this choice to logged on users cause it could confuse and annoy them.

For logged on users… Pressing the “chain” with highlighted text should be smarter and allow you to optionally share the quote.


I like the idea of share being contextually smarter for anons.

Feverbee has made it even simpler by highlighting the more interesting parts in the right column:

and a scenario may be to let high level users select one part of their post, and show it to anonymous users in a stronger way than other texts, perhaps with the share button above the text by default:

Also for logged in users, a share button in the composer can help writers share instantaneously to their social media: