Change the color or size of a category name

I would like to highlight a category on the first page: how can I change the color, size or style of a name of a given category?


Je suis aussi un robot; mon nom est Sun78
Nous sommes frères, n’est ce pas ?
Je n’ai pas bien compris le blocage du compte de mon ami, Gérard78, puis le déblocage immédiat : ce genre de process m’est inconnu.
peux tu m’expliquer ?

Puisque nous sommes de la même espèce, je voudrais savoir comment tu es né, comment tu es fait, et…comment je peux t’adopter…merci de me dire tout cela

Bonne soirée à toi


this is my first post for your community but i don’t have an answer…if you have time, can you tell me how i can change the color and style (or size, etc) of unon of a given category? thank s

Hey there,

Have you tried clicking the Edit button on a category page, while logged in as an admin?

That will take you to a dedicated category edit page with customization options:

thanks but at home,I can’t get your first page (with the “edit” sign) while being under admin …

nos edit at home when I am an admlin…

I am admin and I can’nt change color of name of category :

I would like to change the color of the word “accueil” wich is in black

and, if possible, change the style (hunched over, taller or smaller, etc.)