Change the font on a single category

I have some custom font for categories but need to make one stand out different, I did a search and was unable to locate how, using the console I found an ID for the one I planned to test and got this error

As an example, if I wanted “bug” here to be different from howto and feature with Arial


Can anyone share?

Thank you!

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If there’s no (unchanging) id for the specific category what about applying the CSS to the second or third h4, or whichever it is? It’s not ideal but would work until you reorder your categories.



You can target the [data-category-id="x"] for example the #bug category is data-category-id="1" You can check it here :arrow_down:

.category-list tr[data-category-id="1"] h3 {
    font-family: Arial, sans-serif;

I hope this help :slight_smile: