How to change the font color in category overviews?

Hi! I wonder if someone can help me out. I’ve searched all the documentation but I can’t seem to find a the CSS to change the font colors in the category overviews. Currently it’s light grey, which is hard to read–I’d love to simply make the font black. Thanks for helping a beginner :slight_smile:

Cheers, Thomas

The font is grey because it indicates that you have read this topic. It helps differentiate read/unread topics.

This is the default CSS:

.topic-list-item.visited a.title:not(.badge-notification), .latest-topic-list-item.visited a.title:not(.badge-notification), .category-topic-link.visited a.title:not(.badge-notification) {
    color: var(--primary-medium);

You can replace --primary-medium by other color variables, such as:

--primary-very high
--primary-very low


Or by a custom color.


Dear @Canapin — many thanks. Awesome. That’s very helpful!
Greetings, Thomas


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