Change the headings of preferences settings

How can I change these headers? Or can I remove them completely because I don’t need them?

Hello @karlson4ik :wave:

Have you considered hiding them with css?

I’m just curious, why this is the case?


Those aren’t just headers, those are tabs to the different sections of your profile preferences. Without them, users cannot change any of their own preferences.


It’s the customer’s wish, so I don’t know what he needs it for.
Can you tell me how to hide it with css?

You’d be better off telling the customer what @Lilly said above. The tabs serve an important purpose so users can navigate around their profile etc.


If this is something you really must do, you can hide them for non-staff (regular users, so mods and admins can see them), and you can chose which ones. I don’t recommend it unless you have special use case that dictates such.


Thanks a lot, I found thanks to the link an article that describes where to change the css. I did it all, it’s not hard, I just didn’t know where to customize it.

I don’t know how your site is set up, but if you are using local logins and a user needs to reset their password… they won’t be able to do that without the Security tab.

They also can’t change email notification settings with the Email tab, and so on. The other tabs provide customizability for each user as well, worth mentioning this to your customer.


Login to the site via sso only. Therefore, there is no password.
Mail notifications are disabled for everyone.

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