Hide some preference sub-tabs under the user profile?

I’m being asked to simplify some aspects of the Discourse interface to minimize confusion for a fairly non-techy user base.

I would like to disable some of the preference sub-tabs under the user profile:

How might I go about disabling these for non-admin users?


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Hi Jeff :slight_smile:

You could first install CSS Classes for Current User's Groups, then use the added classes to hide these elements with CSS:

body:not(.staff) {
    .user-nav__preferences-users {
        display: none !important;

Note that with this component, admins don’t have a specific class. It would require additional javascript. Staff means admins and moderators.

Also, users with basic related knowledge can circumvent such client-side modification.


Thank you! :smile:

That worked perfectly and also gives me a great example of how to implement user-specific changes


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