Change timestamp time field inaccessible in Firefox beta

On Firefox (I’m running Fx57, dev edition), the “time” field isn’t wide enough to have the hour, minute, and am/pm selector visible at once – and you can only navigate back to the hour field from the am/pm field using shifttab.

There’s also a slight misalignment between the date field and the time field – the time field is a couple of pixels lower than the date field.

Can you reproduce this in Firefox stable? We don’t generally fix bugs from beta/dev versions of browsers as things tend to change multiple times before going stable,


Nope – because <input type="time"> is only available from Fx 57. :wink:

The MDN docs for <input type="time"> note the differences between the implementations on the desktop browsers: specifically, Chrome and Edge use a 24 hour entry, whereas Firefox uses as 12 hour entry + AM/PM field.

As this is new in Fx 57, it’d be good to be ahead of this change. :slight_smile: The design specs for this feature show that while there will eventually be fancy popup panels added for selection of times, the styling of the <input> itself won’t change.


@zogstrip can you add to your list?


Is this still an issue @jomaxro?

No repro in FF Quantum 59, stable branch on Windows.