Changed Domains- Not getting redirects

Hello i have recently changed domain successfully thanks to this Howto:

Changed the Domain from to
When i go to for a redirect i get this error.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Both had Lets-encrypt certs
Though works perfectly. Anyway i could redirect it without cert errors?

You need to have the old cert for the old domain name still configured since the redirect happens after the ssl connection is made. If you still have the old cert keys you could configure a web server (probably easiest to make it a different container or even a separate site) to be the old name and redirect to the new one.

I have a backup of old certs, by uploading them to the existing ones or how do i configure that?

This is far from a copy-and-paste solution, and not for the faint of heart, but here are some pieces of the puzzle:

./launcher enter app
cd /etc/nginx/conf.d

Then create a animeforums.conf that points to the new keys. Start on step 5 of these instructions at Digital Ocean

and add:

   rewrite (.*)$1 permanent;

I applied another dirty trick to solve this without touching nginx config of discourse or host.


This is what I did. Moved dns to cloudflare and enabled ssl over there. It solved the problem