Changing Domains

I currently have 2 websites across 2 servers:

I plan to discontinue the Wordpress site and update my Discourse Domain to take its place, resulting in:

I’ve done a little experiment to see how this will all work out on the day:

  • Update Discourse settings to use Domain
  • Update DNS record of to point to Discourse server

And here is where I run into an issue:

  • Load the old domain of redirects to (as expected)
  • Load the old domain of displays “Your connection is not private” instead of redirecting.

I appreciate this is related to SSL Certificates but not having worked with Docker or Let’s Encrypt before, I’m not sure what to do next.

The easiest solution (besides redirecting the apex domain to forum) is to have another server do the redirection. Many dns services will do that for you.

The harder way is to search here for “multiple let’s encrypt” and modify those instructions.

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Do you have any recommendations for such a service?

I’d start by checking your registrar.

I ended up spinning up a server and redirecting with Nginx :+1:

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