Changelogs - running, betas, or otherwise?

I frequently like to follow what’s going on with Discourse development. Is there a running changelog that shows current things being implemented or a roadmap?

Do beta snapshots have a changelog that I’m missing?

For example, on the current beta release, I don’t see any kind of changelog associated with the release page or even on the source repo branch

We keep everything here on Meta rather than Github.

You can see an outline of all our major releases here, and what’s currently planned for future releases: releases - Discourse Meta

We post release notes here: Topics tagged release-notes


Thank you very much for clarifying. It might be helpful to also link to this on GitHub so that folks can find it readily via a “Changelog” link near the top as I’ve seen in other projects.

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Why there aren’t any posts for smaller changes?, ie: 2.6.7 release notes had a security fix.
I have to compare tags to see the commits to verify there were security fixes

Sorry I’m not sure I’m following… if the release notes said there was a security fix, why did you have to compare tags?

We don’t do release notes for the stable branch, but we also only backport major bug fixes or security issues, so the answer to the question “Should I update to a newer point release while running the ‘stable’ branch?” is always yes.

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So how do minor and tiny releases differentiate?
ie: are tiny releases bug fixes and security only?
are minor releases new features or something else?

It seems based on @Falco post, no matter which release it is, we should always upgrade

Define minor and tiny releases - not sure we use those terms.

I was wondering if you guys were following similar semantic versioning as in
ie: 2.6.7 would be Major.Minor.(Tiny or Patch)

We do not strictly follow semantic versioning, no. We practice continual development. Version numbers function more as milestones than as strict semantic versioning. By default, sites can update to the most recent code at any time, they’re not restricted to a specific “release”. For example, right now Meta is running 153 commits ahead of the “2.8.0.beta1” release.

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