Changing Email address of unregistered account for activation

If we change email for activation registered account too quiqly then enqueue_activation_email method of users_controller enqueue job without delay, so we got message to old email. May be it should be something that:

Jobs.enqueue_in(2.second, :critical_user_email, type: :signup, user_id:, email_token: @email_token.token)

or may be it possible to set low priority to that job?

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Can you describe exactly how you are doing this? Through the API or through the user interface by clicking / tapping buttons, etc?

I do it through the user interface, by clicking on change email button for sending activation message after account registration. Paste other email-address at once, but receive message to old email. Same if click on back button in browser and type new email. If i do delay, then all is ok.

Are you attempting to change password on a staff account? This requires verifying both old AND new emails for security reasons.

I attempt to change an email-address of newly created account, that not activated yet.


Can you repro this @techapj?

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Yes, I can repro this issue on try. Added on my list to fix :memo:


Fixed via:

Thanks for reporting this issue @youwiki :+1: