There was a problem sending another activation email. http: undefined - undefined

(Neil) #1

We have been getting a message “There was a problem sending another activation email. http: undefined - undefined” when trying to send out an activation email to a user as an admin.

We sent out a number, to remind users that they need to activate their account and then after sending 20 this error has appeared and we can’t get rid of it.

We upgraded to version v1.5.0.beta3 +52 and it is still appearing.

It appears to be a similar bug to this one: There was a problem sending another activation email

(Neil) #2

After a break of about 20 minutes it allowed us to send approximately another 20 activation emails and then the error message started appearing again.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Maybe a regression @eviltrout can you look at the original bug which you fixed as well and see?

(Robin Ward) #4

The error message wasn’t specific enough in this case. We had a rate limit of sending only resending 30 activation emails per hour by IP address.

I’ve fixed the error message and also removed that rate limit for logged in staff users doing it via the admin interface.

I am curious @Mischief, why are you resending so many activations?

(Neil) #5

Thanks for making those alterations @eviltrout

We’ve just relaunched a forum, switching over from other forum software and in the process we noticed that a small percentage of those who had moved hadn’t activated their accounts, so we thought we’d give them a helping hand by sending them a reminder to do so.

Making the activation process a one step process rather than two
(Jeff Atwood) #6