Changing flag resolution?

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I installed a test instance of Discourse to play with it. I flagged a message, then resolved it. Now the post does not show the flag icon anymore, nor I can understand if I can change that flag resolution… can someone explain what’s happening?

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What version of Discourse? There was a bug @neil fixed a week or so ago about re-flagging content that had a handled flag.

Also you can view old flag disposition in admin, flags, old.

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While you can see old flags in the admin interface, you cannot change the how it was resolved (agree, defer, disagree). Why would you want/need to change the resolution after the fact?

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Sorry, forgot replying.

Changing resolution after the fact is something that might happen is moderation is handled as a group. One moderator could resolve in a way other moderators do not agree… so they may want to change the resolution.

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I could not read the definitive solution here. :slight_smile:

  • If there a way to change the resolution, after the fact for the flags set by other users?
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Without going into the database manually and changing tables, no - it is not possible to change flag resolution.

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