Changing flag resolution?


I installed a test instance of Discourse to play with it. I flagged a message, then resolved it. Now the post does not show the flag icon anymore, nor I can understand if I can change that flag resolution… can someone explain what’s happening?

What version of Discourse? There was a bug @neil fixed a week or so ago about re-flagging content that had a handled flag.

Also you can view old flag disposition in admin, flags, old.

While you can see old flags in the admin interface, you cannot change the how it was resolved (agree, defer, disagree). Why would you want/need to change the resolution after the fact?

Sorry, forgot replying.

Changing resolution after the fact is something that might happen is moderation is handled as a group. One moderator could resolve in a way other moderators do not agree… so they may want to change the resolution.


I could not read the definitive solution here. :slight_smile:

  • If there a way to change the resolution, after the fact for the flags set by other users?
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Without going into the database manually and changing tables, no - it is not possible to change flag resolution.

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