How does an admin see a flag message after it has been handled?

I received a flag from a user wanting to split a topic. The flag message had two details I needed, the title of the new topic and the specific post to start the split.

As I have only used the flag system as an admin once before; it is a learning experience. :face_with_thermometer:

So I choose the option to agree and then do nothing so the post was not deleted.

After that I realized I needed the exact post to split at and so went looking for the resolved flag.
I did find the flag sections under moderation, but could not figure out which flag was the latest and could not find the original message in the flag. I also checked my private messages and the profile of the user. No joy.

How does one find the original messages in a flag?
(I do have admin access if that is necessary, but it is a hosted education site (SWI-Prolog) so the rest, such as console, is a no go.)

Go to the the review flags page (Hamburger Menu => Review) and then do a search for the post you’re looking for. I sort by “all reviewed” and sort it by “created at”

This will bring up a list of every flag you’ve reviewed, no matter the status. You can also narrow the filters by status: approved, rejected, ignored, etc.


I should mention that I am a little embarrassed to say how long it took me to figure this one out. :wink: I use it a lot now, because I have other staff members helping me, so I can use this to review what they’ve been doing as well. Keeps me up to date on what’s going on and lets me know if there’s an issue with a staffer I need to address.

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Why should you be embarrassed, I gave up; actually I couldn’t think of any more places to look.

Great job!!!

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Because it took me two years and two installs in testing before I had to figure it out for live users, lol.

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