Changing the height of between post ads?

Hi, I’m using a house ad, but the scale is very weird.

I tried to alter this by editing CSS: {
    a.between-posts-ad {
        max-height: 1672px;
        img {
        &.desktop {
            height: 172px;
            display: block;
        &.mobile {
            height: 172px;
            display: none;

And my Ad HTML is: (I know how to properly close a tag, I deliberately removed ‘>’ for it to display the code here)

a href="xxxx" class="banner-ad" target="_blank">
    img class="desktop" src="xxx" style="xxxx" height="172" width="172">
    img class="mobile" src="xxx" style="xxxx" height="172" width="172">

As you can see, this results in the width being 172px, which is what I wanted, but the height is not what I set.

Can anyone help explain what’s going wrong?

It will be easier if you provide your website where there are ads templates.

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