Changing the names of things in Discourse

We have an own-hosted Discourse which we wish to roll out to 10,000 or more users in an organisation which is organised into groups. We use the word group a lot - everyone is in one or more groups.

The use of the word Group for security groups in Discourse is confusing everyone (and it makes writing the documentation we will present to the users very hard, as we have to convey the difference).

Is there a reasonably easy way to change Discourse to use a different work for Group in the UI (e.g. “Security Group”)? It would be nice to change the word “subcategory” into “forum” as well.

We don’t currently compile our own version of Discourse, we use a standard docker install, but I guess we could change that if necessary.

I’m imagining it would be really hard, involve forking Discourse and continually working to keep the form up to date with new releases, but I thought I would ask in case it is surprisingly easy!

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You can do all of this in the admin User Interface. Just search for “Group” and “Category” in the customize text section:


Wow. that’s brilliant. Only one teensy problemette - if you search for “Group” or “Category” you get “There are more than 50 results. Please refine your search.”

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