Changing to Default Theme not persisting


Steps To Reproduce

  1. Set Interface Theme to non-default value (e.g. Grey Skull)
  2. Save change.
  3. Set Interface Theme to Default.
  4. Save change.
  5. Navigate elsewhere / refresh.

Expected Results

The new screen loads / the existing screen refreshes and the theme remains as default.

Actual Results

The theme reverts to whichever value it previously has.

Additional information

Recently the site was changed such that there were additional themes added. This bug seems to have started around this time, but that’s just anecdotally, I couldn’t say for certain. I’m not sure if this is happening with other boards, but has been reproduced for multiple users including my own on Drowned In Sound. This is currently being discussed on those boards in this thread.


Sorry for the inconvenience @ma0sm, I’ve fixed the bug and deployed Can you confirm this has been fixed please? Thanks!


Wow, that was fast!

Just checked and it’s working fine now, thank you!


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