Changing topic category when manually changing post watch status makes topic new again

As requested by @techAPJ, continuing the discussion from Changing topic from one watched category to another watched category makes topic "new" again:


Another mod at Stonehearth reported to me some strange events when recategorizing a topic. Details are below:

  1. A user created a topic in the #suggestions category.
  2. A few other users replied
  3. The mod, whose preferences are set to track topics in that category, manually set the topic to watch.
  4. The mod replied more than once, as did others.
  5. I replied.
  6. More users replied.
  7. An admin replied that a fix was being developed.
  8. I recategorized the topic to the #suggestions:added-suggestions sub-category.

Steps to reproduce:

Unknown, steps above may work, but we have not attempted repro as this is a live site.

Expected Results:

Manually set notification type not changed, previously read topic not marked as new.

Actual Results:

The topic showed as “new” (but all posts read) for the mod. Additionally, the notification type was reset from watching to normal.


Discourse 1.5.0.beta9 (

System Information:

Windows 10 Pro, Chrome Stable 48


I fixed this per

No longer happens.