Notifications when a topic is recategorized

(Simon Cossar) #1

On this forum I am watching the support/wordpress category. A few times, I’ve noticed topics in that category for which I haven’t received notifications. Here’s an example of one: WP + Discourse SSO Continuity Issue

Looking at the edit history of that topic, it has been recategorized from extras to wordpress. Possibly this is a regression from Category watch preferences not honored on recategorization

Does reassigning a category send a new email out to the group watching the new category?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

What do you think @sam? Relevant only to old prefs?

(Sam Saffron) #3

yeah we do not add a watch on recategorization, its a bit tricky cause we would have to “unwatch” strategically when you remove a category.

(Simon Cossar) #4

This could cause problems for a forum that is being used for customer support.

A non-technical solution is for the person who recategorizes the topic to add a reply to the topic that explains that they have moved it to the appropriate category. People watching the category will then get a notification. (I’ve only tested this on my local setup.)

(Christoph) #5

Though this will only work for “watching”, not for “watching first post” (which is one of the big plusses of a discourse forum).

But it might work if you use the topic timer to republish into a new category. Or so I thought. Apparently it only works under certain conditions? Or does a scheduled publication never trigger notifications because the post has technically already been published?

(Loren Smith) #6

Anyway to at least implement Watching First Post so those users get notified when the topic is new to them? It wouldn’t seem to be affected by the “unwatch” trickiness.

Most of our uses never add tags on topic creation and it’s a triage effort by staff which means all users that are watching tags will never get notified. :cry:

(Jeff Atwood) #7

This is an edge condition we should patch @tgxworld

(Alan Tan) #9

@Simon_Cossar Are you stil able to reproduce this problem? I tried to reproduce this locally but I’m getting the correct notifications even after a topic is re-categorized.

(Simon Cossar) #10

Yes, I’ve just tested it on a hosted instance. I have three users, user_a, user_b, and user_c. I have set user_a to watch the ‘scratch’ category.

When user_b creates a topic in the ‘scratch’ category, user_a gets a notification about it when they login to the forum. This works as expected.

When user_b creates an uncategorized topic and then user_c recategorizes the topic to ‘scratch’, user_a does not get a notification when they login.

(Alan Tan) #12

What I tested is that notifications are correctly delivered when a new post is created in the topic that has been re-categorized. Do you mean we should resend the notification when a topic gets re-categorized?

(Simon Cossar) #13

Yes. The case where this comes up for me is that I’m watching the #support:wordpress category. WordPress support topics are sometimes created in the wrong category and then moved by a staff member. When that happens, it would be good to get a notification.

A notification would probably be sent in this case if recategorizing a topic created a moderator post.

(David Taylor) #14

I think this is the same issue discussed here:

I wonder if this also applies to publishing topics created using the shared drafts feature…

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(Alan Tan) #15

@Simon_Cossar I fixed it in

Not receiving notifications for announcements
(Jeff Atwood) #16

OK, tomorrow can you verify this is working as you expect here on meta @Simon_Cossar?

(Simon Cossar) #17

I just tested it on and it worked as expected. When a topic is recategorized, users who are watching the recategorized category get a notification.

(Jeff Atwood) #18