Changing topic title permissions

In our system we have a category where we change the title to indicate status. So, for example, “Resource #1 [active]” or “Resource #2 [polling]”. The person who posts the original topic is responsible for maintaining these changes.

Recently, one of them reported to me that they can no longer edit the title of one of their own topics.

I scoured the settings but I can’t find a relevant setting. Any ideas what might be blocking them from editing the post?

Are the posts older than 60 days by any chance? post_edit_time_limit is a site setting that defaults to 86400 minutes (60 days).

After that period has lapsed, the post will not be editable.


Yes, that must be it!

I remembered that setting but I couldn’t find it when I was reviewing the settings earlier.

Thank you so much!

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