Changing users email address



I found the email template “confirm old email” which says that "Before we can change your email address, we need you to…"
How can I change any user email address? I cannot see any option in the profile, only the “show” option.


Are you using SSO? If so, it’s likely that your email addresses/usernames are being handled outside of native Discourse by the SSO authenticator.


no, SSO options are ticked off.

If users cannot change their email address themselves, I was wondering how can I change it for them.

(Stephen Chung) #4

There is a topic on this. Pls search.

Short answer: Deactivate the account, change email, reactivate.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Are you referring to staff? Only staff have the restriction that both emails must be confirmed for security reasons.


It does not work anymore. :frowning:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #7

Can you be more specific? What exactly doesn’t work anymore?


Also, selecting user, then Show Public Profile, Preferences. Here one can change the email

(Stephen Chung) #9

Nope. Not any more. It seems to send an email asking for verification.

This topic is asking how to change the email address without the verification step.

(Stephen Chung) #10

The way to do this now is: