Change staff email address from console

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We recently introduced a security change: When a staff user changes their email address, for enhanced security they must confirm both new email address AND old email address.

However, this creates a problem when a staff member loses access to their old email address and wants to update their email address.

In this guide we’ll change the email address of a user (not necessarily staff) via console without the need to access old email address. Let’s get started!

Access Console

Connect to your Droplet via SSH, or use Putty on Windows:

ssh root@

Replace with the IP address of your Droplet.

Switch to your Discourse folder:

cd /var/discourse

Enter the container:

./launcher enter app
# or
./launcher ssh app

Access Rails Console:

rails c

Change Email Address

Run these commands from console:

u = User.find_by_username("YOUR_USERNAME") = "YOUR_NEW_EMAIL_ADDRESS"

That’s it, your email address is updated, and you should be able to login with your new email.

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Thanks a lot for help