Changing users‘s e-mail

Although many threads found, I have no success here. The posts are either pretty old and/or the findings do not work for me.

My installation has no SSO and no 2FA.

Neither the user nor an admin has the wrench icon behind the user‘s email-adress in the setting page!

Opening the URL //{username}/preferences/email directly, the form with a field for the new address appears. But sending it results in an error ‚nit enough rights‘. This is for both: sent by the user and sent by an admin.

Can someone please point me into the eight direction?

Thank you


If you go to the users Account in preferences if you scroll down under the profile picture you will see an option that says email. If you press the wrench icon an option to change email will appear and the user can go from there.

I don‘t have this icon!?

I saw it first when visiting the meta instance of Discourse.
In my own instance it is not showing up, neither as admin nor as user.

Is there a config flag forbidding changing email-address??

Thank you

If you’re using sso then that’s usually where you should be changing the user settings. There is a system setting sso_overrides _email. You should check that.

Thank you.

I don‘t have SSO activated.

But I will go through the settings again.

Are there settings which do not appear in the GUI? (Like YAML files used in the container creation)


In preferences > user there is a flag
„email editable“

I don‘t know why, but this was set to „no“

Sorry for asking, this was a simple solution.

Thank you


Glad you solved it! have a good day.