Changing when the timer starts for solved topics auto close hours

We set solved topics auto close hours to 168 (7 days) so that when a thread is marked as solved, it closes 7 days after the last reply.

This works… a lot of the time. And, sometimes we have users who don’t come back for a week (Christmas break, a vacation, our software not being the most important thing in their lives :roll_eyes:) and mark a thread as solved… :boom: the thread automatically closes.

This prevents a user from saying “thank you” (which we like in our community :smiley:) or following-up with additional details (the next problem they had to solve, suggestions on how we could improve a feature so they don’t stumble next time).

It would be great if the timer started once the thread was marked as solved, rather than the last reply.

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What would you do when answer marked solved is actually very limited or even wrong?

It may work when it is something that OP can try and find rightaway if it works or not. But still there can be something important to add and that user won’t come in 7 days time. So why not use 30 days? Or… dont’ close a topic at all (unless it is type bug report)?

I see, yeah we don’t have this kind of fidelity at the moment. I am kind of open to having a site setting for this.

I wonder if you are having a problem where discussion carries on way after solutions are approved if tightening solved topics auto close hours would alleviate the problem somewhat?