If it solved, reduce the time for auto-close?


I’ve been thinking on new feature with solved plugin. :thinking:

Now, when you edit a category, have the option to “auto-close” topics by time… that’s ok.
If, for example we set 3 month for auto-close topics, we would need to reduce that timing if the topic is solved. So, right now a mod, or someone for staff (or TL4) are seeking solved topics to reduce the auto-close time manually, from 2190 hours to 168 hours (1 week; seven days).

Why that change? Well, when a user open a support topic and solved it, sometimes other interlocutors want to say what they think, so a grace period of 7 days is left for everyone to respond, and if no one answers, it closes automatically.

What do you think?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Doesn’t this solve the exact same issue?


Yes! SAM, thanks… but no code yet :’(
I don’t know about ruby… it’s too complicated code this?

Could not the PR be encouraged in any way?
Maybe a collection of donations? Or… I don’t know…

(Sam Saffron) #4