Chat Integration: Issue with Discord Webhooks

Trying to solve a problem. and can’t seem to figure it out yet. I have checked everything but it still comes up with an error.


“error_key”: null,
“message”: {
“content”: “Cim Boards 100% free for members of Cimmarian sign up today!”,
“embeds”: [
“title”: “DOOM Soundtrack LIVE at The Game Awards 2016 [Shooter / Battle Royale/DOOM] doom, video-game-soundtrack, doom-2016”,
“color”: 12525102,
“description”: “[DOOM Soundtrack LIVE at The Game Awards 2016]\n \n\n\nComposer Mick Gordon performs the DOOM soundtrack live at The 2016 Game Awards. Mick is joined by Matt Halpern from Periphery and Sonic Mayhem.”,
“url”: “DOOM Soundtrack LIVE at The Game Awards 2016 - DOOM - Cimmarian”,
“author”: {
“name”: “@CrackMasterK”,
“url”: “Profile - CrackMasterK - Cimmarian”,
“icon_url”: “
“response_body”: “\r\n403 Forbidden\r\n\r\n

403 Forbidden


Let me know if you see anything I am missing. I see the 403 forbidden I am just not understanding what is forbidden?


Found the solution, Discord’s webhooks now use if you make it it works.


Do we need to update the docs anywhere for this @david?

I updated the guide with a note regarding @CrackMasterK’s solution. I’ve toyed with this in recent months and we updated the plugin to allow webhook URLs, but they error out on Discord’s end. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the plugin.


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