Chats for Discourse Groups

I see right now it’s possible to link a chat channel to a category or a topic and then also to have personal chats with people one adds, but, I don’t see a way to connect a chat channel to Discourse Groups found at, for example, Discourse Meta.

I’d love this feature to be able to automatically set up group chats connected to the Discourse Groups, as it’d allow all the moderators to chat in one channel, or staff, or admins, or students of a particular cohort, etc.

Is this currently possible or on the roadmap?


I did it using detour — using category limited to a group. Same result, different solution.


Haha, I like that idea and think that’ll probably be fine for now, especially if I make the category permissions so that only people in that group can see the category.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Jagster! :smiley: